Illiana Watermelon Association Founded in 1991

The Illiana Watermelon Association is an association of watermelon growers, shippers and other industry supporters in the Bi-State Area (Indiana and Illinois) brought together for a common goal; promoting Watermelons

The promotion of Watermelon.

Watermelon Promotion

We promote our watermelons.  Each year, we grow over 7,500 acres of the delicious summertime treat, shipping over 7,000 semi truckloads every summer.  Our harvest season begins in early July and extends through Labor Day.

Over 90% of our watermelon are packed in bulk bin containers and shipped to our customers’ warehouses.  The rest are shipped bulk in the trailers, stacked neatly in rows about 4-6 layers high.

Support Our Association Team

The Association is dedicated to making a positive difference in the business and lives of its Watermelon family – those involved in the growing, grading, handling, transporting, distributing, and selling of watermelon.

Elect Officers

Annually, we hold a convention where we elect our officers, have a fund raising auction, and select a new watermelon queen.  It is a great weekend for fellowship among the growers, shippers, customers, and suppliers.

Elect our Queen

We promote our watermelon chiefly through our Watermelon Queen Program.  She is trained to be our spokesperson and will champion the many benefits of watermelon consumption to audiences throughout the country for the year.

After her tour, she will compete with queens from other Association Chapters at the National Watermelon Association convention.

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The Watermelon Story

Scientists believe the watermelon originated in tropical Africa, although it was found cultivated in Italy, India and southern Asia. Europeans introduced the watermelon to America and is currently grown throughout the United States and Central America.

Watermelon is in the same family as pumpkin, cucumber, squash, and specialty melons. They are available both seeded and seedless, and come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors.

Watermelon is over 90% water, and the pulp is naturally sweet with many health and nutritional benefits. It is an excellent source of lycopene, as well as vitamin A, B6, C, potassium and citrulline.

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