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Queen Contest

 Each year we hold our Illiana Watermelon Queen Contest at our annual Watermelon Convention.

After receiving training in Atlanta, Georgia with the National Watermelon Promotion Board, she will be busy attending the various promotions throughout the country.

We would love to visit your special occasion or promotion.

To book a promotion, call Lana Brothers, our promotions coordinator at 314-724-6305 or Email her here.

IWA Queen Program

Each year we select a new IWA Watermelon Queen at our Annual Watermelon Convention from a slate of candidates from across our district.  She will become a Promotional Ambassador for our association for the upcoming year.  She will make appearances at Welcome Centers, County and State Fairs, Supermarkets, Parades, Festivals, Schools, TV Interviews, and many other functions as scheduled to promote the watermelon industry.  Upon completion of her tour as the Illiana Watermelon Queen, she will represent our chapter in competition for the title of National Watermelon Queen at the following year’s National Convention.

The 2025 Queen will Receive:

$6,500 Scholarship
$1,500 Wardrobe Allowance
Paid Promotional Appearances

Sponsored by
Summertime Produce
International Paper

The First Runner-Up will Receive:

$1,500 Scholarship

Sponsored by
International Paper

The Second Runner-Up will Receive:

$1,000 Scholarship

Sponsored by
Sun State Produce Sales

Miss Jubilee will Receive:

$500 Scholarship

Sponsored by
Gowan Seed Company

This is a job interview and not a beauty contest, although how a candidate presents herself is an important part of representing our association.  If you think you or someone you know is interested in participating in our queen contest, please email Lana Brothers at

You, too, can be a contestant!

Submit to

Lana Brothers
2023Abby Niehaus
2022Gabby German
2020-2021Grace Rainey
2019Madison Heiden
2018Brilee Albrecht
2017Katie Ellermann
2016McKenzi McClain
2015Lindsey Hampton
2014Emily Brown
2013Briston Anderson
2012Sidney Vieck 
2011Sabra Brianne Boyd
2010Sylvia Crowder
2009Johnna Thompson
2008Maggie Bailey
2007Emily Frey
2006Alexis Vice – Rauch
2005Elizabeth Jane Coffman
2004Megan Scott
2003Marsha Lancaster – Heath
2002April Bosecker – Smith
2001Nicole Hageman – Fish
2000Amanda Edwards – Dirks
1999Brook Chattin
1998Kristy Nowaskie – Cardinal
1997Autumne Sorguis
1996Betsy Snider – Couchenour
1995Ramona Cabello – Hammelman
1994Stephanie Rees-Snider
1993Amy Conde
1992Meredith Beery-Miller
1991Melissa Moore-Szczesny

Sample Tour

NWPB Queen Training
Day on the Farm
Lena Dunn Elementary
WFML/Blazer Radio Station
Knox County Watermelon Festival
Indiana State Fair
Vincennes Christmas Parade
Georgia Watermelon Association Convention
National Watermelon Convention
Queen Contestant Workshop
Marine Corp Marathon – Washington D.C.
Illiana Watermelon Convention
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